2002-08-16 � About Me

Okay, I've been planning to do one of these "About Me" thangs since the beginning of time and I start and I stop and I stop and I start again. So finally, I'm just going to DO IT, already.

Important things to know about Me

� I'm a designer and Illustrator living just outside of Toronto, Canada.
� I'm vertically challenged.
� I'm overly fond of flowery adjectives.
� I'm married to my very best friend in the whole wide world full stop. I call him Jack here, 'cuz secretly I think he always wanted to be named Jack..
� I married him for many reasons, but prime among them is the fact that he is good at math, can reach all the stuff on the top shelves and he has no back hair. And he thinks I'm adorable. I think he's smashing. Mostly.
� I'm so incredibly attached to my dog, Finny Jane, that I'm constantly stunned by the fact that she's a different species and not in fact one of my furry-ier appendages.
� I work from home. It has its advantages.
� This is my second career. I used to write for a living (can you believe it?) I was once a newspaper reporter. I thought it would be all sexy, like All the President's Men. I thought I would one day end up writing for Vanity Fair. It wasn't and I didn't.
� I am a horrific speller.

Important things to know about the Wolf

� I should have named her Linus instead of Finnegan as all day long, she totes about her red plaid blanket.
� or sometimes, shoes. Yeah, she's very big on the shoe thing.
� She can shred a stick in seconds flat.
� She is four and a half.
� She does not like other dogs.
� She has never met a human being that she didn't adore.
� She is a flat-coated retriever.
� She's psychic.
� She's a lot smarter than me.

yet more inane stuff

� I love the smell of oranges. Sometimes, after I've peeled an orange (or clementine, manderine or tangerine) I rub the peel on the backs of my hands so I smell all citrusy good.
� I like really spicy, sear-yer-tastebuds-off food.
� I make really awesome fajitas.
� I like to cook fancy stuff, but kinda suck at the day-to-day stuff.
� My first memory is of accidentally slamming a window shut on my fingers. The window was the old-fashioned kind with the three circles cut into the bottom of the frame. It had a view of the side of our neighbour's house. It was a peachy pink colour. The neighbour's house, that is. It hurt. A lot.
� I was barely two. For months afterwards, I described the incident to anyone who woud listen like this "Winnow come down on finners, BOOM! Owie. Owie. Owie... go to doctor's" I'm slightly more eloquent now.
� Although not nearly as effective a story-teller.
� My dentist tells me I brush my teeth too hard.
� My favourite colour is green. Blue and green is my favourite colour combo.
� My least favourite is purple. But I pretty much like all colours.
� I am Canadian. That's why I stick the letter "u" in words like colour and favourite.
� That's also why I apologize a lot, whether I'm sorry or not.
� I don't say "eh". That may be because I'm also American. I have dual citizenship. Groovy, huh?
� I like cake. I like soup too, but it makes my nose run.
� I once won an award for best handwriting. Grade five, I think. I won a little trophy on a marble base. It was pretty nifty.
� I'm not good at team sports. Or any sports, really.
� I love fresh flowers. My favorites are tulips, I think. I love orchids too. And fresia.
� I do not like carnations. I don't like red roses much either, although all the other colours are nice and much appreciated.
� I've never had a professional pedicure. I have been told that my feet are aesthetically pleasing, however.
� I'm desperately in love with most things New England, although I've never been there.
� I love nature, but I'm not very outdoorsy. And I do NOT camp, thank you very much.
� I cannot stand to have dirty hair.
� I would conduct all my daily affairs from the bathtub if I could.
� I'm just barely five feet tall, but I'm always surprised that I'm not taller than you are.
� I'm double jointed in my fingers. I can make really scary claw shapes with my fingers.
� I like to sing and do it often but I'm not good at it. Not. At. All.
� I do not knit.
Okay. That will suffice for now. Someday I'll do a fancy one with pictures and stuff. Of course, given that it took me almost two years to write this one, I wouldn't hold my breath. I mean, you can if you want. But don't blame me when you turn blue and collapse on the carpet and stuff.

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