2002-08-15 � wee thoughts

random wee thoughts

My house smells weird today. Like Mexican food prepared in a high school cafeteria kitchen. I'm not sure where this strange odor orginates, but rest assured it will all be lemon fresh and clean by the time I go pick up Jack at the train station this evening.

Still torturing myself about Toby. Went down to the creek on the wolf walk this morning, scouring the brush for signs. Effort netted me nothing more than a new assortment of mosquito bites and a bruise on the knee which is purpling up quite nicely. Wolf enjoyed herself however, trying to perfect underwater stick shredding.

With no "real'" [read:paid] projects on the go, have now become obssessed with American Idol [sad but true] and creating a custom template.

In effort to avoid thinking about lost animals, spent much of yesterday teaching myself basic html with help of webmonkey. Can now bold at will, also italize and change font colour. Am much impressed with self and ability to assimilate technical skills.

warning to all

I am a notorious pen thief, so stealthy in the theft of other people's writing instruments, even I don't notice until it's too late. Acquired three new ones to add to my vast and growing collection yesterday: One from the post office whilst couriering off package to far off dinosaur museum [ generic blue handled papermate], one courtesy of the woman who came to the door collecting donations for the Humane Society [ zebra "Jimnie" retractable with transparent blue body and blue comfort grip made in Indonesia] and a third that I assume I picked up at the park gatehouse whilst reporting Toby sighting [white Bic round stic made in the US of A]

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