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Miscellaneous mixed media bits and experiments in style and technique. May contain life drawings (images of nudes).

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Here are some of the illustrations from the children's book I've been rattling on and on about for the past... I don't know... FOREVER. The book was written by Ben Herosian. It's about a Bengal tiger born without any feet and his introduction to the animal kingdom. I am currently working on the second in the series where the little tiger gets his first pair of prosthetic feet. To learn more about the book, or to purchase one, check out
Lilyfield Books. A portion of the proceeds from each book sale goes to a great children's charity.

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The following are all images I've created and posted in my diary at some point. They're primarily just for giggles, experimenting with different approaches to digital illustration. Enjoy!

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Various illos done specifically for Illustration Friday.

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