2005-10-31 � Howling

O, I know. You're all like..."um, Mel? What happened to the countdown? It was going so well!"

Yeah, um, I know. But then I accidentally trashed Day 2 and didn't have time to rebuild it (i built the images in advance, last month) and yesterday? Man, yesterday, I worked and worked and worked and I just plain forgot! oooppps. sigh. I always have such grand plans, but they never quite work out. This year? I didn't even carve a pumpkin. Not one single pumpkin (I usually do at least three.) I have pumpkins sitting on my doorstep, sure 'nuff, but they're all like uncarved and whole and stuff. And at this point? As I type this? I don't even have any candy!! Argh. But I will go pick some up before the trick or treaters arrive.

Busy, busy day ahead. Actually, stinking busy week ahead! Hopefully, if all goes well, this time next week I'll be packaging up the book I've been illustrating to send off to the printers. Whew. Am looking forward to that more than I can tell you!!! Will add to this if I can find a moment, but otherwise, I hope your Halloween is creepy enough to please!!!

O, almost forgot! Here is my witch for Penelope Dullaghan's Witch Contest. be sure to check out the rest of the Coven (Mine is 99... like Agent 99. I'm so hot. And old, because more than half of you are going Agent 99.... huh?!! What?) This is clearly evidenced by lack of great Agent 99 / Barbra Felton sites. What up with that?! Paris Hilton is all worship worthy and Agent 99 is not? what's wrong with you Internets?!!

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