2005-04-29 � Bloggy by the wayside

Oy! I apologize in advance for this really pathetic excuse for a post, here but...ARGH! So Busy!!! This past week has been crazy! Crazycrazycrazy. And though I have a little breathing room as of this afternoon, my brain is currently trying to knock through my temples with a sledgehammer, unimpeded by the three Asprin I swallowed earlier (the monthly nothing-you-can do-about-it headache that traditionally signals that my cabin at "Camp Cramp" is all ready for me) plus a horrible crick in my neck from sleeping all weird, my fabulously adorable Finny is nudging me repeatedly, pointedly in the butt to take her out for her morning scramble thru the park, I have to make an appointment for an urgently required haircut, order some software, go get some dogfood so that Finnister may enjoy some lunch, do some invoicing and mail off our taxes... all before noon. Plus, I'm desperately behind in follow-up e-mails and the blog cruising that sustains me, and my guestbook is being beseiged by Poker spam. Argh. I'm thinking of removing it all together as I'm not sure how to make the poker spam stop and people generally use my comments now rather than the guestbook. Any suggestions? Since I started typing this lame entry, I've received four more Poker Spam missives. Not good. Yes, I think the only solution may be to dismantle it all together. What a shame.

I will do my utmost to update later this weekend.

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