2002-08-06 � nuts in the noggin

nuts in the noggin

No inadvertent snail squashing to report this morning... Wee Me and the Wolf took a walk on the wild side today and it was gorgeous.

To be honest, the Wolf never actually walks. Gallops, leaps, bounds and bounces, yes. Prances, dances, cavorts and frolics, most certainly. But walk? Not really a part of her physical vocabulary. Particularly today.

After weeks of insanely hot and humid weather... the kind that leaves you panting gracelessly, limp locked and coated in a greasy film ... the kind that prompts heat alerts and endless warnings about uv indexes... the kind that engenders lurid news reports about the rescue of small children and pets from the the furnace-like environs of sealed,sun-baked cars ... a delicious northwest wind is tonguing the shores of Lake Ontario bringing blissful relief and a whisper of fall.

Fall literally cracked me upside the head this a.m. when an impertinent little acorn dropped from the heavens and rapped me smartly on the brain basket. For a brief heart-stopping moment, I actually had the improbable conviction that a hard bodied and vengeful spider had launched itself at me with murder on it's mind.

See, I had just paused moments before to admire an amazing, but alarmingly large spiderweb glittering a few yards ahead when outta nowhere comes this head-knocking missile. I saw, not stars, but headlines screaming Dog Walking Woman Slaughtered by Super-Sized Spider. Film at Eleven. Not the kind of story that would merit it's own graphic and musical theme, I know, but surely it would play well in the supermarket tabloids admidst tales of Satanic thunderclouds, Jon Benet Ramsey and catastophe-warning saint-shaped potato chips.But alas... my alarm was unwarranted. It was just an acorn.

And I love acorns. They're so jaunty and self-possessed with their round little green bodies and cunning little berets. Like teeny little french people. I'm just not fond of being battered 'bout the brain by them whilst trying to commune with nature.

wee me's random count

5 � the number of Aussies I encountered in the woods today

0 � the number of non-Aussies out there besides Wee Me and the Wolf

2 � number of dead raccoons squished on the road on way to park

7 � number of raccoons cavorting in backyard at 3:35 a.m. Sat. nite

3 � the number of years the Wolf has stalked the planet as of Sunday, Aug.4th

3 � the number of minutes it took the Wolf to suck back her b-day ice cream cone

2 � the number of napkins it took Wee Me to clean myself up after feeding the Wolf said cone in super-heated, speeding vehicle

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