pethie - 2004-02-08 12:45:09
woah, wee. how do you do that? I love the organizality of it all.

Kate - 2004-02-08 18:36:47
First of all I love you for giving me great highlights to read for the rest of the week when I am at work. Secondly, I chose to read "Sisters" first because the simple title made me curious. And being the oldest of 6 children with 3 sisters and 2 brothers, I was interested in seeing what your background is. And finally, I was on the verge of tears when I read the part about "leaving the harbor of my childhood." It was all too familiar and sweet. Thanks. And I'm secretly jealous of your best friendship/sisterhood. Yes, even with my 3 sisters. xox

otter - 2004-02-08 19:04:02
Oh, thank you. As I am new here, I clicked on your archives and felt a bit overwhelmed. It's like you read my mind :~) Have read a few and am tickled. Looking forward to goofing off all day at work tomorrow, reading these. Thank you! (My boss probably isn't as grateful...)

Bianca - 2004-02-09 18:12:55
I am kind of new to your site, and i already love it! How can you keep it so neat and organize without going nuts? BBB

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