2005-12-12 � The Boneless Flops

Apologies and whatnot

blech. Somewhere along the line, I've become the Queen of the Half-Witted and Half-Arsed. I'm mid-way between 800 different projects and cannot seem to complete any of them. Aside from the Christmas shopping, and the Christmas decor neither of which would qualify as even half-arsed...more like one-eighth arsed... it's the completely chaotic state of my studio that is really bothering me most. I tore it apart in an effort to organize it, I bought new shelves (really cheapo Ikea numbers, don't get excited), I started organizing, I color coordinated all my storage discs.....and then phffft.... I can't seem to summon up the will to finish it. Even though it's current state is absolutely annoying and making me crazy and is horribly ugly besides. What's wrong with me people?!! I'm just all floppy and boneless. And boring. I'm really really boring too. Snoozeville over here!

It's not that stuff is not happening so much. It's happening. The stuff. It's happening all the time. Stuff like... I got snorted at by a stag (kinda menanced really), Finny J. cut her foot opened and it got infected (don't worry, all healed now), the Wee Three went and stayed at an absolutely incredible hotel in Niagra-on-the-Lake a month ago, I finally got copies of the Jungleville Tales book and they turned out so much better than i had expected.... all that stuff happened. And I really mean to tell you all about it... it's just that, somehow, I don't. sigh.

Somehow, I think I should be far more disturbed about this than I actually am. I mean, it bugs me sure.... but not exactly enough to compel me to action. I dunno. Okay, this sounds like a big old excuse, and it totally is... but today I can kinda brush it off with a dismissive wave saying that I don't feel well. And I don't. My head cold is combining in a not nice fashion with my...erm...ladies days to make me most unhelpfully grumpy and headachey and barfy and sleepy and dull-witted. This is true. But this excuse really only spans the past couple of days. What about the days and days and the weeks before?! sigh. I think I'm still suffering system burnout from all the work I did in October and November. Maybe I should just take a break from this whole blogging thing. I dunno. I dunno, I dunno, I dunno.

Still love me?!!

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