2005-12-10 � Hasn't Hit Me Yet

Holding On

um... well. Hmmm. Here's the thing. I've been trying really super hard not to give into it. I've been in major denial. But out it comes anyway... I've got a cold. And that sucks.

i don't feel too completely henious, just so incredibly drained that as I sit here in my fleece jacket, pajama bottoms and mismatched socks, I feel like I'm slowly spreading into a thin watery puddle beneath my chair. My eyeballs feel hot. My feet are freezing. And I've just sneezed for the 49th time today. sigh.

I was going to hit the mall today, but better sense prevailed and instead the wolf and I snuggled down for a long winter's nap. And it is wintery today... we got a good dump of snow yesterday. We've had light little snows earlier this month, but nothing that stuck around for more than an hour or two. It's starting to feel Christmasy, and that's starting to make me anxious. Anxious about Christmas shopping and how I still have to do it. The days are booking up fast too... have to take Finny in for her vaccinations so that she won't infect all the other pups at Doggie Camp (where sadly she will be stationed once again over the Christmas holidays), haircut and highlights on Tuesday, John's office Christmas party on Friday... and inbetween, repeated brave forages through the malls. Just between you and me? I kinda hate shopping. I especially hate shopping for myself. I mean, I totally love having new and shiny stuff, I just hate the hassle of getting it. Next year, I've vowed, I'm doing it all online. I would've done it this year, but practically everyone on my list wants clothing related items, and i find it harder to buy that stuff on the net. Sorta gotta see it in person, you know?

Bah. Okay. Just talking about shopping is making me feel more puddlesome than ever.

Wow. okay... this may be one of the more boring posts on record here. Sorry. I'm feeling pretty vacant today. Most probably because of all the prickly viruses clogging up my system, but likely too because last week was so crazy busy what with a gazillion rush jobs for clients various and sundry clamouring for my attention. I was a muli-tasking wonder, last week. Had a very anxious couple of hours on Tuesday where I was producing utter crap and was practically in tears over it, but the minute I gave up and relaxed my expectations, I recovered my design mojo and was able to produce work that won't sweep the awards shows or anything, but is SPECTACULAR in comparison to my efforts earlier in the day.

One can only hope that my blogging mojo will so show similar improvement. Soon.

Songs of the Day:
Hasn't Hit Me Yet and Holding On, both by Blue Rodeo

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