2005-10-26 � Ways to be Wicked: Number One

No. 1 Way to be Wicked: Brew up beastly batch of toxic toadstools, bottle, mark "Soda Pop" on the label and sneak into the fridge of your most heinous foe. Not that you have heinous foes or anything.

Or that I'm advocating running around poisioning your neighbours (or anyone else). Because I'm so totally not! Of course NOT! I would so never do that!! Although I'm relatively certain the potion wouldn't you know, kill them dead or anything. Just give them a big tummy ache. But you know, what else do you do with toadstools?

Besides arrange them in conversation friendly groupings and persaude all your amphibian friends to lounge there, that is. And gnomes. Gnomes are well suited to toadstool perching.

Well, Ta-dah... here it is. The first of my little calendar counting down the days to Halloween. This was created using my photographs (grievously tortured in Photoshop), some terrific elements from the generous and magical Shabby Princess and some seductive free fonts from Misprinted Type. Enjoy!

P.S. O, and I do know that nightshade is actually a deadly herb in and of itself, but I use it here rather more poetically to mean like, you know, shade of night. The double meaning amuses me, however. As does the fact that Nightshade is also referred to as the Devil's Cherries. snicker. That sounds so dirty! But poetic. Poetic and filthy. Though perhaps not as filthy as "Naughy Man's Cherries". For further edification on the whole Naughty Man's Cherries front, read this. Okay, I've just read a little more of the information I linked here and I really, really encourage you to do so too. Wholly educational, Batman! And funny! Who knew botany was so hilarious?! And because I want you to read it, I will also let you know, that despite the usage of words like "glabrous" and "flabby" and phrases like "attentuated into short petioles" and "The five-cleft calyx spreads round the base of the smooth berry", the information provided by one "Mrs. Grieve" (a Halloween name if I ever heard one!) is not, in fact, pornographic. Really. No, really! Although, on second thought, you might be more interested to read it if it in fact were. hmmm...

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