2005-10-23 � Spooked

banners and banter

ooo... spooky new banner! A week from now, as I'm sure you know, it's Halloween... my second favorite holiday of the year. Due to the frightening amount of work I have to do in the next couple of weeks, I've had to scale back my Halloween plans radically. sigh. But it's all good... I can still have some fun and fortunately I had enough foresight to start my bloggity plan in early August. Tune in Wednesday to see the first of a sort of advent calendar building up to the big night. I was planning to do a seven day countdown, but I had to scale that back a bit. Sorry... sometimes you just gotta roll with the candy corn, ya know?!

Completely unrelated.... every morning when we wake up, the first thing we do is turn on the Weather Channel so we know whether to don raincoats or bikinis or dig out the parkas ( Johnny Handsome is ever so fetching in a bikini, despite his furry English bird legs). The following conversation took place this morning, as we lay staring at the teevee through heavy lids, clinging to the warm island of our bed and listening to the looped soundtrack playing over the local forecast, over and over again and sounding incredibly (comfortingly?) like the soundtrack to the original Sim City ...

Me: dude, the weather channel plays the rockingest tunes.

Jack: yeah, I know. The rockingest. Man, if they ever play out, we should buy tickets and go.

Me: (snicker) Totally! That would be wicked cool!

Jack: (flicking imaginary lighter and calling to the stage) Yeah. We'd be all like "Play 'Fall!' Play 'Impending Hurricane!' "

Me: Play 'Highway Conditions'!

Jack: O yeah. 'Highway Conditions' rocks hard.

yeah, I know. We're so lamecore.

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