2005-10-05 � puddlesome

melted pumpkins

Ick, people. I cannot believe it's October, that it's practically Thanksgiving here in Canada (this coming weekend) and yet here we are, swathed in smog and melting in 30 degree heat (that's Celsius, people, which works out to be 87 degrees Farenheit which is pretty much, you know, the median temperature of Hell) for the FOURTH day in a row!!! What's going on?!!! Tell me! Please! Don't you know this is Canada?! CANADA!?!! and OCTOBER!! month of pumpkins and autumnal leaves and puddles skimmed and crunchy with ice?!

Once again, this leads me to the only reasonable conclusion that the lilac-y banner up there atop this page is altering world weather patterns and creating unseasonably warm temperatures. So... it's gonna be Operation Wholesale Banner Change today. But later today. After I've downed my coffee, taken the wolf for a hair frizzing stroll in the pollution, and squeezed in some work.

I've no doubt that once I get up the appropriate seasonal banner, that the humidity will promptly evacuate and chill winds will crisp the edges of the landscape and the trees will shrug themselves into the oranges and reds of Fall and all will be right in the world.

Update: Okay, okay... so the banner is changed and is infinitely more Fall like, but is admittedly, a bit of a cheat. Some of you may recognize it as last year's October banner. Yeah, I know... what a cop out. But I have like NO TIME today. And I have just realized we are completely out of garbage bags, bread, chocolate, dog food and most importantly, dog treats (!) and I'm going to have to make an unplanned trip to the grocery store and then to the pet food place (only the specialty stuff for my baby... this stuff in fact. My dog eats better than I do. ). I'll put up a new and all fresh one soon, I swear. In the meantime, who doesn't love a black and prancing ham-tongued dog?!!

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