2005-09-28 jumble sale

penny thoughts

Know what I hate? I hate when you lovingly prepare a big arsed pot of coffee, then go upstairs leaving it to brew while you check e-mail and brush your teeth and hair and stuff. Then you go tripping blithely back down the stairs, brimming with anticipation of your first cup of the morning and contemplating whether or not you should supplement it with one or two or three of those amazing little Swedish ginger snaps... and then you realize that you forgot to plug in the freaking coffee maker. Blah!

But on the upside it gives me a few more minutes to browse the Net before the wolf walk and the day really takes hold, you know? And to scramble together a lame excuse for a blog entry.

Okay, I've no organized thoughts, just a random jumble of stuff I'm thinking. In Random Jumble Order.

1) Big, BIG year for goldenrod. It's EVERYWHERE, golden and glowing and massing. Last year was all about the Queen Anne's Lace, this year it's goldenrod.

2) And monarch butterflies. I've never seen so many, there are hundreds upon hundreds in the park these days. I don't know much about monarchs, but I think it must be really exhausting to be one. Seriously... those things, man! They are BUSY what with the soaring, the fluttering, the flitting, the dipping. Keep meaning to look up more info on monarchs, but then keep forgetting amid the panic to actually get something DONE.

3) and dragonflies, alot alot alot o' dragon flies out there too, big and barreling. Johnny Sheepish is totally freaked by dragonflies. It's true. Traumatic dragonfly experiences mowing the lawn when he was a kid, apparently, although I've heard all his war stories about the dragonflies and the mowiing and I gotta say... they don't sound particularly scarring to me.

4) I also saw one mammoth and acid green spotted toad in the woods the other day. He was the KEWLEST. also: the word mammoth always makes me snicker.

5) Not so kewl... opened the garage door to stash the trash inside to await Thursday's pick-up and all along the edge where the garage door meets the concrete floor, there was this wriggling line of great clumpy earthworms, of all sizes ranging from monstrous to puny, the color of dirty pink pearl erasers, all blindly nubbing along. I actually screamed. It was horror movie macabre. I couldn't put the garage door down without removing them (ewww...imagine the splatter), so I tried to scrape them up with a shovel. After accidentally severing the head (or maybe it was the tail?) off one, I had to resort to digging out my old gardening gloves and picking them up by the pile and plopping them in the lawn. Took like fifteen minutes. I'm not kidding. Poor gropey, grubby, goopy earthworms.

6) I really, really, really frigging LOATHE Paris Hilton. LOATHE! LOATHE! LOATHE! venomously.

7) I got a postcard from Paris in the mail yesterday. Paris, France that is. It made me happy.

8) Have been wrestling with a massive craving for homemade peanut butter cookies for three days now, Would have totally surrendered days ago, but have no time to make peanut butter cookies. Or go to the one grocery store I know makes outstanding peanut butter cookies. (I despise packaged peanut butter cookies almost as much as I despise Paris Hilton.)

9) Halloween, man... it's coming!!!

10) Finny J. is the best dog ever. Bar none. She's also demanding that I drink my coffee already and get her out to the park where she can roll upon sticks and root around in the long grasses.

11) Also: discovered this past weekend. Finny J. LOVES picnics. Loves 'em! Finny J. thinks picnics RAWK.

12) Five songs on heavy rotation right now: First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes, Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire, She's Only Happy in The Sun by Ben Harper, Crooked Teeth by Death Cab for Cutie, Trouble by Pink. Also, Hotel Yorba by the White Stripes. mmm...peppermint.

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