2005-07-30 � treasure box

For some weeks now, I have been in possession of a pair of the most fabulous little boxes and I cannot tell you how much I love them. They are like little worlds onto themselves and I like to hold them up to the light and tip them this way and that and construct little stories about what they mean and about the hands that crafted them.

But I couldn't tell you about them until now. Because they were part of a swap for a pair of paintings I did and first, I hadn't finished the paintings and one of the paintings was a surprise so i didn't want to give it away by posting it on my blog and then I had to wait for arthritic, half dead, geriatric postal snails to inch those paintings across the border, past the ever suspicious inspectors of packages and snails and all things mailed, over many a state line to California and the ever-so patient, incredibly talented and generous Martha Wasacz. These little jewels are part of her awe-inspiring box collection, the one she features every Monday (click here to see a slideshow of the box project so far... my boxes are numbers 17, 18, 19 & 20 ) and neither my photos nor hers do them justice.

Below are the paintings I did in trade. I'm sure you'll agree that I got the better end of the deal! Thank you so much, Martha. I will treasure them always and forever.

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