2005-07-27 � Illustration Friday: Tranquil

Well... this is not at all what I had originally planned for this week's Illustration Friday (theme: tranquil), but I have no more time to devote to it this week and besides... turns out I kind of like it. I'm trying to get a little looser, a little more free with my personal illustration and this is a movement in the right direction, I think. Quick and easy and a bit more gestural than my tight digital work.

In case you're wondering, yes indeed...It is a sort of self-portrait, I guess, me and my darling doggity surveying the land on one of our daily adventures thru the park. I say "sort of a self-portrait" because I'm fairly certain if you saw me out wandering, you wouldn't automatically think "oh yeah, that's the girl from the portrait". But thing is, I rarely view myself from this angle, so you know... it's sort of how I imagine I look from this angle.

I was going to draw in all that we are surveying, but again... ran out of time and in the end, I like that it's all up to you to fill the rest in.

I did the drawing in pencil on paper, scanned it into Photoshop, boosted the contrast of the pencil lines and changed the color to more of a sepia tone. Then I swashed on the color on another layer using Photoshop brushes and floated the pencil drawing over top. I flattened the whole thing and did a tiny bit of tweaking using Photoshop's dodge and burn tools and voila.... fourty minutes later, and we're all tranquil and stuff!

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