2005-07-19 � Hot and Linklicious

The Red Light District

Dear Internet...
Howdy. How's yer belly fer spots these days? Okay... what up with the lame attempt at cowboy lingo? Must be the heat. The heat which has broiled me head to the point where my brain melted down to a slick, lumpish goo which immediately leaked out my ear (the right one), onto my t-shirt and dried instantly into a patch of ick on my shoulder. And now, my brain is, even as we speak... or even as I speak anyway... flaking away like dried egg white at the bottom of a fying pan.

Just so you know? It's not a pleasant sensation to have your brain broiled down to flaky egg white residue.

The heat, the humidity, the smog... these things are all lovely enough, but when you whip it up in a frothy mix with a generous dollop of hugely rumbly thunderstorms which send your darling doggity running for cover and cringing under your laundry in the most pathetic fashion imagineable? Well, that right there, that's a recipe for FUN!

sigh, poor Finn-Finn. She was so traumatized by the 48 hours of unceasing thunder we had this weekend that when she heard a truck unloading gravel in the parking lot at the park this morning, she started beelining immediately in the direction of the car, tail tucked between her legs, and is even now remaining ever vigilant, casting wary glances about, and curling herself about my ankles any chance she gets.

Needless to say, the atmosphere lingering about the House of Wee these days hasn't been exactly inspiring, nor fodder for worthy posts.

so in lieu of worthy posting, I'm about to unload upon you a couple of weeks of link logging. Have I ever told you what a huge Link Ho I am? I am absolutely the Ho-iest of the Link Hos. Here's just a small sampling:

Discovered via recently purchased Communication Arts Illustration Annual:
Grady McFerrin
Yoko Tanaka
Josh Cochran
Vince Nyguyen
Eric Seat

Yet more recently discovered Illustrators of the fabulous sort:
Daniel Peacock
Karen Oxman
Susy Pilgrim Waters

Link which mostly clearly demonstrates how desperate I am to be cool again:
Snowflake Bentley

Link which is driving me to drink and then hop atop two wheeled contraption and attempt to navigate foreign paths:
Red Bicyclette

Link which demonstrates I am about to go postal:
The Graceful Envelope
Global Postal Seals

Links to objects after which i am lusting rather unreasonably:
Sabutan Tower Vases
Toikka Glass Birds (particularly that 2005 turquoise turkey)

Link which most makes me want to ride a transparent giraffe:
Eric Feng

Links which were lifted directly from marvellous Martha:
Red Current
Juju Loves Polkadots
Bird in the Hand
Bella Dia

Link to site from which you can download a fake coroner's Toe Tag should you want to illustrate just how profoundly the heat wave is affecting you (also some great free fonts):
Prop documents

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