2005-06-20 � Leaving on a Jet Plane

The Only living Boy In New York

It is 5:59 in the a.m... not quite an ungodly hour, but early for a post. I've been awake since 4:15, out of bed since 5:20. The Handsome Guy and Finny J are still blanket covered lumps. Finny J is barking at squirrels or dangerous scooter manouvering children or something in her sleep. I am bathed but my teeth are still furry. I am not dressed. There are six million things I have to do today, but top among them is fly to New York.

New York, New York. I'm so excited. My copy of "Top Ten New York" has been well perused and is all wrinkly from bath water. I've been studying the maps, trying to pretend that I actually have an idea of where things are located. But I don't. Not a clue. I'm hoping that immediately upon arrival, some kind of filmy sophistication and nonchalance will settle over me and not all and sundry will be able to identify me as a New York neophtye.

I actually have butterflies.

I bought a "chile red" journal which opens flat and has a nifty little "memento pouch" in which to chart the adventure. I hope I actually manage to do that. When i was eleven, my family spent a month on the Caribbean island of Tobago. Beforehand, my mom bought me a hard bound journal and encouraged me to fill it. I diligently researched Tobago before we left, pouring over our World Book encyclopedia, made detailed maps of the island with coloured pencils, skirting all the island areas with quick blue strokes, like hoar frost, just like Mom showed me. I wrote down the main industries, the exports, the population figures.

I didn't journal a single thing that happened on the trip.

But hopefully five days with no computer access and much to tell will force me to crack my chile red journal and write, doodle something. anything.

Thank you so much to Bluepoppy, Cin, and Martha of Naive Knitting for your NYC suggestions! I hope I make it to at least one of the places you recommended!

Hmmm.... am starting to become consumed with thoughts of stuff i've yet to do. Brush my teeth, pack my toiletries. Feel horrible about sending Finny J off to doggy camp. So I'd best scamper...

But before I go, a quick list of stuff that's been occupying my brain aside impending visit NYC:

� completely obsessed with orange and pink as a color combo. Must be summer.

� I cracked a tooth (one of the teeth I had all that root canal done on) and now I need peridontal surgery and two crowns. Yoo hoo.

� the smell of lemon grass and "Clementine and Lavendar" body spray from Fruits and Passion.

Dancing with the Stars and Canadian Idol. sad, but true.

� Watching: The third season of Six Feet Under (on DVD) and Jamie Oliver's School Dinners on the Food Network. I love Jamie Oliver and his Jamie Oliver lisp. I love how passionate he is about everything and how much he swears and the little red curls that sproing like flowers from the top of his little daughter's head. This show both exhilerates me and stresses me out!

Tazo Tea, especially the Green Ginger

Meggiecat , Paper Forest, Catia Chien, Isabelle Arsenault and mermaids .

� Breathlessly awaiting the new Wallace and Gromit

This post, such as it was, and in its entirety, is dedicated to Liz who actually missed me so much last week when i was so crazy trying to wrap everthing up for this trip, that she actually wrote me a poem. Now, that's love.

I'll be back before you know it to regale you all with tales of NYC! Adios!

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