2005-05-19 � inspiration strip

So I said I would supply you with snaps of the home front. To that end, here is the "inspiration strip" that is directly to my right as I sit here typing this. It is a mint green magnetic strip perched under two square canvases painted in ice creamy colours and features a number of revolving images that I find inspiring or just plain ole' pretty. Currently pinned there with the "super powerful" magnets are various photos I snapped of raspberries and gargoyles and lilies of the valley, a snippet of an illustration by Penelope , a snippet of an illustration by Stacy Innerst ("M is for Music"), an Incredibles playing card with the irrepressible JackJack (the Incredibles is one of my favourite movies EVER and I aspire to be just like Brad Bird when I grow up... only prettier), a portrait Rubens did of one of his sons that I clipped out of the newspaper (I think the poor quality, smudgy ink adds to the flavour) and a copy of "Garden Study of the VIckers Children" by John Singer Sargent because it is exquisite and because the little boy looks almost exactly like Jack did at that age...

I'll take more photos of my "studio" later this weekend when it isn't such a huge mess (paper, paint and coffee cups everywhere at the moment!)

In other news... ah, Internet. I've been in a rather odd, confuzzled state of mind all week. The one word that keeps circling thru my head is "reinvention." My brain is teeming with ideas and opinions of a billion different colours and kinds... and I find myself unable to actually unravel them and lay them out in an understandable pattern just yet. My brain feels like a basket of yarn, merry, bright and fuzzy... and seriously tangled.

It's all good energy, transformative. But it's hard to express just now. So I'm going to quit trying and leave it at that. Like I said, it's all about re-invention.

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