2005-05-15 � Studio Confidante

There are few people I've met online (or in the real world for that matter) who inspire me more than Martha of Naive Knitting. She continues to astound with her fascinating Studio Confidante Project. Don't miss it, click here: Naive Knitting's Studio Confidante . So many really wonderful objects and spaces! i love this idea. I'm also really intrigued by studio spaces and what creative people surround themselves with. Martha gives us all a little peek. Karmic credit goes out to her especially for plugging my contribution in at number 19, which unbeknowest to her at the time, is my lucky number. Number 20 is also me.

I chose to contribute a picture of the little shelf that sits right above my computer station. It will surprise no one that it's pretty much all green. Green is my favourite color. As I explained to Martha, I enjoy building little vignettes of things various and sundry, using bits of whimsy and things I collect on my walks. I think I'll start shooting them and posting them here for your vast delight.

Most of the Confidante contributers also sent along a little explanation of why they chose what they did, here's mine:

"I build little vignettes that I find pleasing to look at and which revolve with the seasons. Usually, they are comprised of objects found on my walks... pine-cones, a plastic firefly, a deer antler, pussy willows, plus driftwood, beach glass and seashells I've collected on trips and have been given as gifts over the years. This past Fall, I had the (ahem) brilliant idea of bottling a sampling of each fall's acorns, something I plan to do every year.

I call it "shelf life" and it features a little bird painting on a square canvas I did, a vintage-look sign my husband gave me which reads "Nest", and a three little pegs which hold photo frames. You can't really read it in the photo below, but the frames contain little scrap messages which read "wonder", "explore", and "play". I often change out the other objects on the shelf, according to mood and season. Right now, there's a little bud vase with a pair of tulips from my garden where the vintage acorns once sat. It is sort of a visual reminder to me to be grateful for the ability to be creative and to appreciate the wonder of nature. I dunno... it just makes me feel good, connected."

You'll have to go see the whole show to see my acorns. (A bit of motivation, if you will!)

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