2005-05-12 � Nest napped

O Internet, I'm so sad. i went back to look at the pretty, pretty eggs yesterday and discovered to my horror that the nest is empty. Empty. Save for one teeny blue square of shell, less than a quarter of an inch long and wide.

What happened to those three little eggs, so bright with potential?!! I'm not sure. There were two odd men, exceedingly greasy, unshaven men with gigantic beer bellies and dirty wifebeaters roaming the area, obviously looking for something in the long grasses and trees. Both looked like rejects from a Sopranos casting call and both were clutching plastic bags. One of them was chomping on a cigar, wafting the heinous stench everywhere. Something tells me they weren't lovers on stroll or maurauding conservationists. Finny J. Barked her face off at them and she never barks at people we meet in the park. Goes bounding up to them, waggling her bum in estactic greeting and drops her ball/stick/rock at their feet, enticing them to play...yes. Leaps up on them despite my constant, embarrassed reminders not to and patterns their jeans with muddy pawprints, yes. frequently. But barking and bumping out her hackles like they are the most fearsome of threats... no way.

So, I dunno. Did they steal them? They looked like likely suspects and I could have sworn I detected the odor of cigar around the nest, but I have no proof and what would they want robin's eggs for? Is there a black market for such things?

Or maybe it was a natural predator. The nest was not well hidden... not like the duck eggs I found the following day. And Jack said he found an almost whole robin's egg lying on the road not far from there when he took Finny for her evening spin. It had a hole in it and had been sucked dry.

sigh. so sad. Nature (and Man) can be so very cruel. I was so in love with those bright blue oblongs of hope... I guess i should just count myself lucky that I happened upon them when I did and had the sense to run home and get my camera. I'll always have my photos to remember them by!

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