2005-03-17 � Illustration Friday: Fragile

It's everyone's favourite day of the week again! Yes, that's right, it's Illustration Friday.* The theme this week was fragile and here's my interpretation. I cheated a bit this week. This little guy is actually a character sketch for a ...um... character... I created called Slyvester Pickle. I plucked him right out of my sketchbook, spent an hour "colouring" him in Photoshop (he was orginally drawn in graphite), added the bird with the banner and tried to make it look like a page plucked from an old book. I'm quite pleased with him and the 'style' direction, but what do you think? Any and all commentary welcomed and appreciated.

Before I scamper off (yes, I admit it. I scamper. And frolic. And occasionally, clomp), I also updated my illustration portfolio a wee bit and added in a banner archive. It's a bit rough, but i didn't want to spend much time on it (my time is in short supply right now... frantically illustrating Jungleville Tails 2) as I'm in the process of developing a new and much more complete professional portfolio which I will unveil.... eventually (read: who knows when?!!)

*Actually, I'm posting this on Thursday evening because I've got a ton o' stuff to do tomorrow! WEEKEND UPDATE: Sorry kids. Diaryland crashed big time on Friday and my diary hasn't been fully regenerated. Hopefully that will be taken care of SOON. Fingers crossed.

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