2005-03-14 � spring sprang sprung

Lack of Color

"...if you feel discouraged when there's a lack of color here / please don't worry, lover / it's really bursting at the seams, absorbing everything / the spectrum's A to Z..." Lack of Color by Death Cab for Cutie

Something you may not know about me: I'm kinda superstitious. I'm all about knocking on wood and finger crossing and salt-over-the shoulder-ing. I know, I know. I'm so lamecore. But charming, no? Anyway... this is why I just could not rest until I changed my topper. I was kinda sorta beginning to believe my "winter walk" topper was the prime reason my environs remain steadfastly frozen with nary a sign of spring. Because I'm just that self-involved. It's true. In fact, way back before we were married (when dinosaurs walked the Earth and we had teevee alright, but only the black and white kind...) the Handsome Guy and I went to this Psychic Fair and had handwriting analysis done (handwriting analysis seemed like the most scientifcally reasonable thing there being conducted with the aid of a computer and all... and also more affordable than any other kinda reading and being that we were starving students and all that, we totally beelined for that baby) and one of the many (accurate?) things it said in my report was "Melanie has an overblown belief in her own significance." I kid you not. It really said that. Imagine! But I digress...what was I saying? O yeah. So, anyway, once an idea like that alights on my brain, I become throughly obsessed with it. So, despite the fact there are ten thousand things I should be doing instead of doodling squirrels (like doodling tigers and one armed gorillas), I had to switch out my banner before i could really commit to doing anything else today.

So, mission accomplished. I can safely resume regularly scheduled programming secure in the knowledge that if the frostiness persists, it has nothing to do with me. O, sweet sweet relief.

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