2005-03-10 � illustration friday: Ancient

It's Illustration Friday again, people. The topic this time is one I suggested: Ancient. Whoa. Okay. What was I thinking when I submitted that topic, people? Tell me. Because I have no clue. Ancient? Ancient?! All week I struggled with this one. I mean, it was my suggestion, right? I HAD to participate in this round. So at first I did this drawing of a wrinkled old lady, Nice, but Holy Predictable Batman. And then I started this creepy mummy/swamp thing sketch wanting to render it in high contrast comic book style. But that just wasn't working and I was quickly running outta time. And then last night as I lay in bed, it hit me. DUH! Dinosaurs! What's more ancient than dinosaurs? And what have I spent like three quarters of my illustration career drawing?!!! Yeah, that's right... DINOSAURS! I used to work for a world reknowned Dinosaur Museum (still do on occassion) and have illustrated two books for them and lots of education/kid materials. And I can draw dinosaurs in my sleep. Actually, I almost did draw this one literally in my sleep... slumped over my drawing table at 2:45 in the a.m. I was going to take a straightforward approach, but decided I wasn't in the mood and put a bit of a comical twist on it. I'm quite fond of Big Martha. Maybe when I have more time, I'll do her up in colour. Oooo, maybe I'll even paint her! Oy! it seems like forever since I picked up a paintbrush... been working digitally too much!

Some Stuff Making Me Deliriously Happy (despite the fact the winter weather will just NOT QUIT!)

� Neutrogena Body Oil. O slippery, sweet smelling goodness for winter weary skin!

� Chocolate covered blueberries. Holy twelve-step program addictive Batman! I CANNOT stop eating these things!! (also cannot stop with the holy Batman thing for some reason)

� The cheery bunch of deep pink tulips in a goldfish bowl on my coffee table

� Recalling with monster delight the whimsical drawing books of Ed Emberley via DRAWN. I had Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Animals when I was a kid and am now determined to get my hands on the entire collection. O, happy childhood!

� And wow! DRAWN! Does it get any better than this?!!! Eye Candy bonanza, babies!!! SO ENGROSSED!

� Have suddenly and miraculously banished the winter blues and recovered my deep and abiding love of all things illustrated! This week has been so good and productive! I feel like singing and maybe doing a little soft shoe number too.

� All the wonderful feedback I got to my post yesterday and the day before. Thank you!!

Also early in the week, The Handsome guy and I had the following e-mail exchange. It may not make much sense to you unless you are as rabid a fan of The Gilmore Girls as I am (and If you're not, why not? Please, tell me why??!! I've been lobbying for them like practically night and day here, people. Love them already, wouldja?), so let me just explain that Alexis Bledel who plays Rory, the studious and once-virginal daughter on The Gilmore Girls, and whose only other film work (that I know of) was playing a virginal maiden in the Disney film version of Tuck Everlasting is now playing a HOOKER named Becky in the upcoming movie, Sin City.

The E-mail Exchange under the subject line "Rory! What ARE you wearing?!!"

Jack: Hey, If ya haven�t, check out this trailer .

Me: O. My. Gawd.

Even if the reviews of this movie totally suck arsefeathers, we are going to HAVE to go see it on the big screen. For Rory, you understand. We'll have to see it for Rory.

Jack: Yes!� Rory desperately needs our support.� She has lost her way: from the candy coated cobblestones of Star�s Hollow to the urine stained alleys of Sin City, where Luke runs a Chop Shop, Kirk hawks crack, and Paris prostitutes herself in a most un-Pretty Woman like fashion.�

Oh the humanity.

Me: Yes! It will be our singular mission. Because when Star's Hollow Goes Sin Style, Mrs. Kim runs a brothel, pimping little Korean women and the devil's starchy fingers, Taylor wields an axe and mainlines heroin, and Sookie is all coked out and sells her children and illicit vegetables to support her habit.

But Michele? Well, he's pretty much exactly the same in both worlds.

Truly, people, I can't wait. April 1st cannot roll around fast enough. I read an article on this movie in Entertainment Weekly and they have basically recreated Frank Miller's graphic novel artwork frame by frame. It looks fabulous.

Well, that's all for this week! Have a fabulous weekend all!

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