2005-03-07 � illustrated wonder and fried worms

Illustrious Illustrators

I've been feeling enormously guilty about the lack of illustration betwixt these virtual pages lately. I simply haven't had the time to fully render any original illustration that isn't "work" related and as I have a personal policy not to post images I've been commissioned to do until they are client approved, that's left a bit of a dearth here. But I suddenly realized that I don't necessarily have to post completed works here, I can post some of my sketches. Just simple little doodles I do everywhere... on the backs of envelopes, on receipts and brown bags, in my sketchbook. And I can post older pieces too. I don't know why I haven't thought to do that before... I mean, it's all new to you right? (Well, most of you... some of you are dear art school friends and may have seen them before... Hi Sarah! Hey there, Kat Sass!) And often, my favourite sections on other illustrator sites are the "sketchbook" sections. So, to that end... here's a wee snip from my sketchbook.

Editor's Note: Okay, uh, whoops. That image is unnecessarily large! I'll reduce it later! Someone furry (and just a little bit smelly) is pestering me big time to go awalking at the moment.

I'm deeply entrenched in all things illustrated, freshly inspired. I went to the library on Saturday afternoon and picked up some wonderous storybooks. This is one of them:

The book is "M is for Music" By Kathleen Krull and features the most incredible illustration by Stacy Innerst. Click here for more of his work. WOW! Spontaneous, loose, painterly, richly textured and deeply, deeply imaginative. Drool has been leaking (attractively) out the corners of my mouth as I pour over the pages, mentally engraving each image onto my curlique brain. wow wow wow.

I also got a book on Norman Rockwell. Everyone knows Norman Rockwell so I have no need to post his pictures here. I think his fame is a bit of a curse these days... we all know his work and so its become old hat. And that's sad, because he was (is) such a treasure. I'm reaquainting myself with his genius, his remarkable facility for expression, the ability to create worlds that are intimate and familiar and comfortable as flannel pajamas. And of course, his technical ability continues to astound. The book I borrowed was edited and compiled by his son, Tom. I had no idea until I read his little bio on the back flap, but Tom Rockwell wrote one of my favourite children's books... How to Eat Fried Worms . way cool.

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