2005-03-03 � snowglobe soul

I have the most magical friend who reminds me regularly of one shining truth: That we all create our own realities.

What a incredible thing that is. It gives me the opportunity to take full credit for the walking out into this incredible reality immediately after I posted my mopey entry full of winter woe. These pictures in no way do justice to the beauty I found in the park that afternoon. It has been snowing like mad and every branch, ever limb was generously layered with snow. It was like being cupped in some transformative snow globe, a magical, magical thing I cannot begin to articulate. It was like walking into the pages of a fairytale. I felt as if my ribcage had been cracked open and delicate, white hands had replaced everything aching and sad with something pure and clean and blessed. Then swiftly stitched me up, sat me in the snowbank and kissed my brow with snowflakes. magic.

Behold my little beastie, the one who never forgets for a moment what winter magic is all about:

And the other beastie of my creation (the vampire snowman) who has become rather more gruesome and ridiculous than I ever intended with each snowfall!

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