2005-03-01 � suffering and snowflakes

all my snowmen have fangs

arf. you should climb inside my head and feel the big arsed ache-ity-ness of it. It's seriously impressive. ow.

okay. So you know it's time to update when you turn on your computer and find three e-mails sitting in your inbox, all essentially demanding that you let people know that you're still breathing in and out all day long. So for the record, yes. I. Am. Still. Alive.

I'm just so not feeling talkative these days. sigh. I've been levelled... ney, flattened... indeed, SQUASHED FLAT by the grey weight of winter. blech.

And it's boring, people. Seriously, seriously dull. You don't really want to hear me whinge on endlessly about how blech and blah and ick and flat I feel, do you? I mean, really. No one wants to hear about that. Especially when you can't even summon the energy to be entertaining about it. I mean, it would be one thing if it was, I dunno, a clinical thing, a medical malady. There might be some merit to the whinging then. But it's not. it's just good old-fashioned, down-in-the belly, really banal, dull, dull winter doldrums and that's it. Nothing romantic about it. Nothing marvelous or even vaguely interesting about it.

Quickie list of things I've been doing when not foraging in the cupboards for bits of chocolate happiness and various carbilicious snackerels:

1) surfing pictures of tulips and happy happy flowers

2) watching stick figures paint clouds and pick daisies here

3) loving chocolate brown combined with practically any other colour example the first (Prue Design) and example the second (Twig and Fig)

4) gaping in disbelief at how achingly dull this year's Oscars were. SNOOZE!

5) trying to decide whether I liked Hillary Swank's backless Oscar ensemble or not.

6) waiting patiently for the next episode of the Gilmore Girls to roll around

7) sucking on Italian Anise candies

8) longing for beautiful new bedding

9) watching the lights blink on my battery charger, breathlessly waiting for my camera batteries to charge up again.

10) contemplating the design of my very own professional website and finally securing my own domain.

11) avoiding the garage and the chance that I might encounter a mouse corpse.

12) trying and failing to find downloadable versions of Bright Eyes' "The First day of My Life' and 'You Are My Joy' by The Reindeer Section and trying to understand why the iTunes catalogues vary so much from the US iTunes catalogue. Grr. damn Canadian content regulations. Not that there aren't many Canadian artists I adore...

13) building crooked snowmen in the park outfitted with vampire fangs.

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