2005-01-28 � friday fury

Furious George

I just looked at my horoscope and apparently I'm going to be furious today. Yup. That's what it says. Furious. As in full of fury. Thus far, I don't feel much in the way of fury. Nope. Mostly I just feel blah. Not in an extreme way. Just mildly blah.

But now that I think about it, I am starting to become a little annoyed. What kind of prophesy is that to hang on someone's day? I mean, now I'm sitting here in high anticipation of the fury that will come surely and suddenly because the stars have preordained it and my mind is boggling at all the things that could happen to make me furious. In a pre-emptive strike, I phoned Jack and told him he is not to do anything which will make me furious. Being quite an agreeable fellow most of the time, he promised he would do his level best not to enrage me. But that's small comfort. That's only one possibility. There exists so many more. The world is rife with things which could make me furious at any given moment. You, for example. I bet you're full capable of making me mad. If you really wanted to. I know it's tempting. I know the desire to prod me into outrage is there, twitching inside you like a crack addict. But don't, okay. Just don't. 'Cuz you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Okay. I sat here trying to feel the fury for a full five minutes, not typing, not doodling, not gently swivelling myself from side to side as I often do now that I have a chair that actually swivels, just trying to feel the fury. And I'm sorry, it's just not there. nope.

Course there's not much else in here either. I am, currently and in the words of Winnie-the-Pooh, a bear of very little brain. Lurking around is couple floating motes of pleasure centered on the rich, bronzed underside of the magnolia leaves in the flower arrangement on my coffee table, a general craving for blueberry pancakes and cherries jubilee, a mild annoyance with the general trudge of winter, a sense of weighty oligation centering on all the work I have to do and that's about it. Not a lot of fodder for the blogging. I mean, yeah, there's stuff I have to tell you. Stuff I've been meaning to share with you for the last couple days... but I'm sorry. It's gonna have to wait. I'm just not in the mood right now. I'm too busy waiting on the impending fury.

The actual horoscope (for Sagittarius):
"You're furious, and that's just not like you. Ordinarily, you'd rather make a joke out of a bad situation, put some distance between you and the opponent and forget it. But this time? No way. Hold your ground. "

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