2005-01-17 � dark clouds

Busting out

After what seems like weeks laboring under The Big Gloomy Cloud of Very Sick (me, then Finny J.) or Very Broken Things (our furnace. Oy! Our furnace!), the skies have cleared, the birds are singing and I'm bobbling and buoyant as a shiny red balloon. A red balloon with dirty hair which must be washed immediately.

On Thursday afternoon, Finn started hacking away, leading to frenzied searching of the web ( which is a stupid, stupid thing to do. You inevitably discover that your darling doggity's symptoms correspond to a frightening array or Really Horrible Illnesses which are Very Bad and Frequently Fatal causing you no end of worry and ulceration), a frantic trip to the vet, and scant sleep broken by every random sigh, vague groan or wet whistle she made. Now stuffed to the gills with antibiotics and other costly perscriptions, she seems to be on the road to recovery from what seems to be a case of Kennel Cough. Today she's bright and energetic, eager for action. And fingers crossed, no coughing.

Friday afternoon, just after the trip to the vet and while waiting for the results of her blood test, the furnace shut down. Again. For like the fifth (sixth? I've lost count) time. Cue frantic dialing of the furnace company and another giant dump of cash. We've been having problems with our furnace for well over a month now. First, they thought it was the thermostat. So they tinkered and fiddled and called it fixed. But two days later, the furnace resumed its broken and disfuctional status. whee. So I got to host the furnace guys again. They installed a super deluxe, incredibly posh digital thermostat with a price tag rivaling anything you might purchase from Harry Winston and for a couple o' days, it was all good. Bravo and posies.

Then the damn furnace broke again. An hour before we were to leave for the airport and Christmas festivities far far away. We were able to get it started and were fortunate enough to be able to coerce our kindly neighbours into coming in every day while we were gone to ensure the furnace had not shut itself off again, leading to the freezing of pipes and plants and other fun. Fortunately for everyone, our furnace seems to like everyone else but us, and kept on pumping out warm air.

It broke down two days after our return. Once again with the furnace guys. And then again. And again. So finally on Friday, they replaced everything electronic with costly Harry Winston jewels and I'm poor as a church mouse, but ever so hopeful that this is the END. Whee. So. Much. Fun.


On top of all that, lest I forget to mention it, I had a dentist appointment last week. oh yeah. More Big Fun. And (Joy!) I've got yet another one scheduled for next week which may involve having two fillings replaced and (oh, The Horror! The Horror!) root canal . yeah. Root canal. Yee haw. Yipee. Rainbows and lollipops.

Nevertheless, Today I woke to find that that feeling of dread and the dark cloud of forboding had finally lifted. I feel energized and cheerful. Again. Finally. And the relief around here is palpable!

I'm ready for the fun!

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