2005-01-08 � I tumble 4 U

Recommended Reading

There are times, lots of times, when I think I should give up blogging. It eats up the hours. I feel guilty about it. I should be spending the time I devote to the blogosphere to painting, developing my portfolio, unloading the dishwasher, vacumning, "networking." I should be baking cakes from scratch, charting unknown territory, organizing all the crap in the basement. I should be marching around outside, taking deep breaths and heartily greeting my neighbours.

And then I stumble across a blog or two like I did this week when I was feeling extra lousy and ill and I get enthused about it all over again. The storyteller in me delights. I laugh out loud. I tear up, lower lip quivering. I become obsessed and start thumbing (in the virtual sense) through their archives thinking "more, more, more."

And I fall in love with the idea of blogging all over again. I am, in a word, besotted. Inspired. Astonished.

Maybe you're already aquainted with my newfound loves. Maybe you're not. If not, please let me recommend: The World According to Chuck and Finslippy . Heroic and human and hilarious. Coincidentally, they are both in the midst of major rants right now, but go back a little. Read their stories. And just see if you don't find yourself mewling at their back door like some stray cat that wants to join the clan.

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