2002-10-20 template trauma

vexed by the hex

Yes, that's right. Yet another new template. I think this one will stay at least until the end of the month!

Now I know there are those of you that were quite enjoying the ghastly granny template. I quite enjoyed it too... originally. But then it started to wig me out a bit. It's all Jack's fault really.

When I showed it to him, he asked if I really thought it was wise to goof on the dead. He inferred it might be "bad mojo." Intially, I scoffed at that. And then I had a wee think and went back in and removed the glowing zombie eyes. When I again showed it to Jack, he laughed. Yes, laughed. And mocked me.

"What? are you like Aborigini or something? You're not stealing your great great great great granny's soul by using her picture you know?"

"But what about the bad mojo?" I asked, feeling sheepish but not wanting to reveal that to him.

"I can't believe you bought that! You're such a maroon," he hooted. "She's been gathering dust in a box for decades now. I think she'd be grateful for the exposure."

Well, that kinda pissed me off, but whatever. He's right, of course. It's just a photo . But the damage was done you see. Ghastly granny Butler was haunting my thoughts, staring at me reproachfully every time I logged on. Glowering with those deep empty sockets. Her image scorched itself into my subconscious. She began to mutter things under her death breath about the great evil that would soon befall me and my loved ones. It was becoming all to Edgar Allan Poe for me. Something HAD to be done.

See, the thing is I really don't need any bad mojo right now, self imposed or otherwise. I'm feeling rather snuggly and content these days. I'm enjoying that. I don't want to blow it with unethical ancestral photo usage, y'know? And Jack planted the seed... the bad seed. I couldn't let it sprout into some evil vine of self-fullfilling prophesy.

And thus, the new template! In other news: We went to a real honest-to-god pumpkin patch and got a couple of pumpkins today. I still need to find one great BIG one. They had some at the patch, of course, but the monster ones were cheaper at the grocery store so I'll pick one up tomorrow.

And the wolf and I saw a great big freaky owl this evening on our walk. It was so cool...wooshing low and soundlessly though the trees under an enormous pale orange moon, dusk purpling all around.

I just loves me a big glowering harvest moon. And sharing the spectacle with my jet black woofin' wolf and a big ol' honkin' owl was pure October bliss.

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