2002-08-19 � freaky scenes

freaky scenes

I swear to god I just saw Andy Gibb rollerblading down the street in a red t-shirt with an American flag on it and bright blue lycra bike shorts. Gotta say he looks pretty good for someone who's been dead for more than a decade.

And there is the weirdest spider wedged under the wiper blade of my car. It looks like a teeny orangey hermit crab with a banana yellow arse*.

Ominous Omens?!

In further news, I am having a v.bad hair day and am thinking I should remain hidden away from public view until it passes. Unfortunately, I have to go grocery shopping.

* this used to read "banana yellow behind", but peth reintroduced "arse" to my vocabulary. I am, needless to say, ever-so-grateful.

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