2006-02-17 � nostalgia

Breaking up is hard to do...

Well.... hmmm. As my Diaryland membership ticks ever closer to expiry, I find myself filled with a stunning sort of nostalgia. Letting go of this journal is harder than I ever imagined! I think maybe... maybe I'm not ready to let it vanish into the ether yet.

Even though I'm all nicely settled in at my new digs, there is still a real reluctance to just let this old journal fade into oblivion. So I'll renew for another month, I think. I mean what's the harm right?!

But if you haven't already, please do bookmark my new site and blog, http://melaniefordwilson.com/blog ... there's alot more action going on there these days than in this sleepy, much neglected corner of Diaryland.

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